Green collective barganing in France


  • Bugada Alexis


  • Environmental Social Dialogue
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Green Clauses

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This article provides an overview of collective bargaining in France in relation to environmental sustainability. Ratherthandiscussingall the greenclauses laid downin collectiveagreements, this paper aimsto identify the main trendsin collective bargaining. It appears that company and sectorialbargaining, especiallyat transnational level, is the most active on this subject. However, there havebeen major developments at the interprofessionaland branch leveltoo, which raisethe question of the impact ofwide-ranging bargaining onnarrower bargaining perimeters (the‘trickle-down’effect). The social partnersare rather activein France, because the right to collective bargaining has been reformed favouringcompany-levelnegotiationsand because recent legislation hasplaced environmental issues high on the agenda ofcollective labour relations.

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